Everest Communications is a digital-first agency that focuses on digital corporate communications – including executive/corporate positioning, SEO, social media engagement, Wikipedia, crisis management, as well as reputational analysis and repair. The Everest team has worked with some of the most complex industries including tech, financial, airlines, universities, and professional sports.

Regardless of the challenge, Everest helps companies and organizations navigate through the most pivotal and high-stakes moments in their journeys.


Financial Situations

Digital can make the difference in successful communication with Wall Street, investors, and the media. We will work with you to navigate proxy fights, activist investors, SEC actions, and more.

Public Affairs

We work with you and your team to craft and execute digital strategy to deliver optimal outcomes for your public affairs campaigns.

Executive Positioning

Investors, employees, policymakers, and media all want to hear from a company and its leaders. We’re about to position your company and leaders to reach critical stakeholders on issues that matter most. 

Reputation Management

Just about everyone is on social media these days. That means your employees can be a valuable asset as well as a liability. We want to prevent the latter by pinpointing any potentially problem spots online and helping you deal with them.


Digital Services

Ad Placement

Anyone can place ads, but it takes talent and experience to place them efficiently and effectively to reach your target audience at the best possible cost. Our team has placed tens of millions of dollars in ads and their ability to target wins awards.


If you need help with social media management, SEO, and email, we’ve been there and want to help you navigate the entire digital landscape.

Design & Development

Whether you need a new logo, website, microsite, graphics, infographics, videos, or any other creative content, we have an in-house team that wins awards for its work.