Josh Perry


Josh Perry is a native Texan and a Longhorn, who has spent the last decade building an extensive track record as a highly-effective content creator, communicator, and strategist. He's been a key player in a wide range of fast-paced environments, where pressure is high and results and deadlines matter.

Josh has been a driving force behind communications and digital strategy for numerous local, statewide, and national political campaigns. He began his career working for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, playing a key role in his election victories in both 2012 and 2018, and working on the Senator's presidential campaign in 2016. Josh also spent several years working on the "official" side in Senator Cruz's Washington D.C. office, building a strong digital presence for the Senator that earned the attention of CNN - where he was profiled as "Ted Cruz's Twitter whisperer."

More recently, Josh has played an integral role in guiding and executing public affairs campaigns and corporate responses to crisis situations. Additionally, Josh has developed effective strategies for utilizing social media to isolate and discover trends that help companies and organizations identify brewing crises and respond before they spiral out of control.

An active puzzle solver, Josh enjoys the challenge of being told "these are the tools at your disposal, and this is the problem we must solve. Go forth and prosper." He draws great inspiration from the real-life example of having to fit a square peg into a round hole, as was famously tackled in the Apollo XIII near-catastrophe. Cool heads prevailed, under the most high-stakes of deadlines, with everything on the line.

Recent articles written by Josh Perry:

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