Sara Croom

Client Strategist Director

Sara Croom began her career working in the U.S. House Majority Leader's office on Capitol Hill. She focused on issues around homeland security, the judiciary, and immigration. Croom then went onto work in the Executive Office of the President in legislative affairs for President George W. Bush. There, she served as a congressional liaison for President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

Staying within the Bush administration, Sara went on to work directly for Ambassador John Danilovich at Millennium Challenge Corporation – a Bush initiative – working to allocate congressional funds to emerging countries.

For over a decade, Croom has worked as a public relations and public affairs professional. Sara has helped manage multiple corporate and issue advocacy crisis communication efforts, both nationally and internationally, including projects within the cable news, hedge fund, banking, philanthropy, trade, intellectual property, and national sports industries.

Sara resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, Shannon, twin boys Jackson and Brayden, and guard dog Cooper.

Recent articles written by Sara Croom:

Navigating the Inescapable

Best Practices for Crisis Communications I once had a sports icon for a client. Historically, he has been regarded as one of America’s top athletes. Unfortunately, this particular icon was publicly ousted for illegal actions and consequently stripped of multiple national and international titles. So we partnered with him to prepare a coordinated, multi-faceted strategy […]

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